Knusse Callantsoog - Dunecallantsoog

About the cozy beach village Callantsoog

Callantsoog is a beautiful village in North Holland next to the North Sea. The core of the village has a cozy square surrounded by restaurants, cafes and nice shops. There are several beach bars which are open all year long. There are many activities during the summer season in Callantsoog, such as a market every week and many other village activities. The beach is nicely stretched and if you like a brisk walk you can go on the beach walk to Sint Maarten aan Zee where you can relax at the beach tent while enjoying a drink and good food. In addition to the beautiful dune area, Callantsoog also has a protected nature reserve, the Zwanenwater where you can walk and enjoy the various birds and animals that live there.

Dune Callantsoog has an avarage rating of 7,9

Dune Callantsoog offers a relaxing holiday in Callantsoog

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